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Here are several on-line surveys which utilize a variety of different questions:                              

Survey of Saint James Parishioner Families, January, 2004
Holy Martyrs Parish Self Study Questionnaire
Parish Self-Study Parishioner Survey
Vibrant Parish Life Survey
Sunday Homily Feedback Survey:
A short, one-page questionaire with yes and no questions and a few short answer questions.
Attitudes and Opinions about Catholic Schools:
A short, one-page questionnaire with 15 questions on a 5-point rating scale.
Parish Education Expansion Survey:
A longer, multi-page survey with a variety of question types.
Religious Education Survey for those Not Attending Catholic School:
Five questions with room for open-ended responses.
Parish Council Planning Survey:
A long, multi-page survey with a variety of question types.
Lay Survey conducted by the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops' Committee on Laity:
From Ash Wednesday, February 28, til May 13, 2001, the Committee on the Laity of the United States Conference on Catholic Bishops conducted this online survey. Catholic lay people were invited to fill out a questionnaire about how their parishes could better help them integrate their faith with their daily lives. Further details and survey results are available.
General Demographic Questions for Any Survey:
From The Gallup Guide, Reality Check for 21st Century Churches, by George Gallup, Jr. and D. Michael Lindsay.
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